NattoMena (Vitamin K2)

NattoMena® (natural vitamin K2)

Scientific name : Bacillus subtilis

Derived from natto beans, natural vitamin K2 obtained by fermentation. Compared with vitamin K1, NattoMena® is more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. GeneFerm adopts two patented technologies to improve the stability and water dispersion characteristics of NattoMena®. With high quality and professional technology, NattoMena® has won IIIC International Innovation and Invention Gold Medal.


Powder:1,000 ppm vitamin K2;2,000 ppm vitamin K2

Oil:1,000 ppm vitamin K2;2,000 ppm vitamin K2

Patents & Awards

NattoMena®-Taiwan Patent NattoMena®-Taiwan Patent NattoMena®-IIIC Gold Medal




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