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2020 Financial report
2019 Financial report
2018 Financial report
2017 Financial report
2016 Financial report
Month / Year 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Jan 23,526 34,391 30,350 24,202 42,263
Feb 31,767 14,975 23,415 27,055 25,462
Mar 33,436 23,221 30,064 32,944 41,789
Apr 28,966 26,673 31,395 31,395 41,713
May 25,697 23,705 27,330 39,203 37,525
Jun 28,283 29,177 30,431 31,340 44,003
Jul 29,786 23,472 29,275 28,737 37,679
Aug 30,939 25,049 22,101 32,809 39,990
Sep 32,322 31,331 27,476 40,397
Oct 25,500 37,385 21,997 36,542
Nov 40,703 35,517 22,463 37,677
Dec 29,042 33,619 30,209 27,519
Unit: Thousand TWD

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Company Charter
Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings Management of Operation of Board Meeting Audit Committee Charter
Remuneration Committee Charter Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets Management of Loans to Others Management of Endorsement and Guarantees
Rules Governing the Scope of Powers of Independent Directors Codes of Ethical Conduct Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles
Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles Procedures for Preventing insider trading management

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Meeting year Meeting notice Proceedings Manual Annual report of the shareholders meeting Proceedings

We are fully aware that we have considerable responsibilities for our stakeholders, including shareholders/ investors, government agencies, customers, suppliers, and employees.
Therefore, we will understand their needs and concerns through various methods and the following contact channels. Please refer to the Investor section_Corporate Governance_Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) of the company's website for the identification of the stakeholders, issues of concern, communication channels, and response methods identified by the company.

Stakeholder Contact channels
Shareholders/investors Agent for Stock Affairs:
Mega Securities Co., Ltd. Stock Affairs Agency Department
ADD: 1F., No. 95, Sec. 2, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

Speaker:Frank Xiao - Vice president

Contact person:Ms. Su
ADD:No.3, Dali 2nd Rd., Shanhua District, Tainan City
Government agencies Contact person:Mr. Wu
Clients Consumer service line:0800-809998
Contact person:Ms. Chang
Supplier Contact person:Mr. Tang
Employee Contact person:Ms. Hsieh
Contact person:Ms. Chang

Governance structure

The Role of the Board of Directors

Guide company strategy Supervise the managers Responsible to the company and shareholders

The Role of the Audit Committee

Supervise the proper expression of the company's financial statements Supervise the selection/dismissal of independent auditors and their independence and performance
Supervise the effective implementation of the company's internal control Supervise the company's compliance with relevant laws and regulations
Supervise the management and control of the company's existing or potential risks

The Role of the Compensation Committee

Evaluate the compensation policies and systems of directors and managers Evaluate the achievement of performance goals of directors and managers

Committee members

Name Audit Committee Compensation Committee
Independent director
Shih-Hsun Lin
V (Chairman) V
Independent director
Fang-Tsai Chiu
V V (Chairman)
Independent director
Tsung-Min Chen

The audit committee convenes at least once a quarter and may convene meetings as needed; the compensation committee convenes two regular meetings a year.
Please refer to the company’s annual reports for the holding condition and attendance rates of each committee meeting.

Diversity of Board Members

GeneFerm has formulated the "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles" on March 21, 2017. It has been clearly stated that the composition of the board of directors should consider diversity. In addition to the number of directors who concurrently serve as company managers could not more than one-third of the directors' seats, and an appropriate diversification policy is formulated according to the company's operation, business and development needs. The members of the board of directors should have the knowledge, skills, and literacy-related to performing their duties in terms of operational judgment, accounting and financial analysis, operational management, crisis management, industrial knowledge, international market vision, leadership, and decision-making capabilities.
Regarding the gender of board members, the company's current directors include 3 female directors(33.33%) and 6 male directors(66.67%).
Regarding the ability to perform duties, there are two directors who are practicing accountants and practicing lawyers. Other directors have many years of experience in industrial professional competence, management and decision-making, financial accounting experience, etc., with considerable international vision, leadership, and crisis management capabilities. The composition of the current board members of the company has gradually implemented the diversification goal.
Resume of current directors
The company has an audit committee composed of all independent directors. The company’s internal audit supervisor regularly communicates with the audit committee members on the audit report results and makes internal audit reports at quarterly audit committee meetings. In addition, the company’s certified accountant reports on quarterly audit or review of the financial statements at quarterly audit committee meetings, and other communication matters required by relevant laws and regulations. If there are special circumstances, the company's internal audit supervisor and certified accountant will also immediately report to the audit committee members. The company's audit committee members (independent directors) have good communication with the internal audit supervisor and certified accountants.

2019 communication matters

Meeting date (period) Communicate matters with the internal audit supervisor Communication matters with visa accountants

(2019 First regular meeting)

◎ Review internal audit report
◎ Review and revise policies and procedures related to internal control system

(2019 Second regular meeting)

◎ Review internal audit report
◎ Review the 2018 internal control system statement
◎ Review and revise policies and procedures related to internal control system

◎ Discuss the review of individual financial reports and consolidated financial reports in 2018

(2019 Third regular meeting)

◎ Review internal audit report

◎ Discuss the review of the financial report in the first quarter of 2019

(2019 Fourth regular meeting)

◎Review internal audit report

◎ Discuss the review of the financial report in the second quarter of 2019

(2019 Fifth regular meeting)

◎ Review internal audit report
◎ Review the 2020 internal audit plan

◎ Discuss the review of the financial report in the third quarter of 2019

Result: The above matters have been reviewed or approved by the audit committee, and independent directors have no objections.

Implement corporate governance

The company has formulated a corporate governance code of practice under the "Code of Practice for Corporate Governance for Listed Companies", and has established an audit committee and a compensation committee under the authorization of the board of directors to assist the board of directors in performing their supervisory duties. These two committees are entirely composed of three independent directors. The company will follow laws and regulations, improve operational transparency, implement corporate governance, and further protect the rights and interests of investors and other interested parties.

Pursue quality and safety

GeneFerm adheres to the concept of "cleanliness, product safety, and customer satisfaction", and makes the strictest quality control for each product, establishes a customer-oriented management system and business philosophy, and upholds integrity, professionalism, and innovation. Create a wholesome life for people, provide a trustworthy health commitment, and achieve the goal of sustainable business.

Environment-friendly and sustainable operation

Our company actively cooperates with the authorities to promote various environmental protection policies, gradually replaces and renews old equipment to effectively reduce pollution emissions, promotes energy-saving and carbon-reduction concepts, waste reduction, and resource recycling and classification measures to colleagues, and work together actively towards a low-carbon economy and society.

Human-oriented principle and healthy workplace

GeneFerm adheres to the human-oriented principle, focuses on employee relations, treats employees as family members, cares for employees, provides employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Also, GeneFerm plans diversified training courses and encourages employees to learn by themselves, so that employees can work steadily and stably growing up.

Social participation

GeneFerm is devoted to helping and caring for the disadvantaged groups. The company rewards and subsidizes students from poor families, and hopes to help others in need, show love and help people in need, implement the concept of planting good deeds, and create a win-win situation of self-interest and altruism so that we can live in the society more beautiful and peaceful.

Employee welfare measures

Annual gifts (cash) for the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Offers employee travel, labor and health insurance, and group insurance, provides relative employee compensation according to the company’s operating results and the provisions of the articles of association. Also include wedding gifts, birth gifts, and funeral consolation money. Hospital condolences, public injury and sick leave, emergency relief, retirement gifts, year-end lottery, distribution of health food, etc.

Employee safety and working environment

The company has set up a "Safety and Hygiene Work Code" to regularly review and maintain the safety and health of the work environment, and is committed to improving the work safety and health of employees, to reduce the hazards of the work environment to the safety and health of employees; and provide employees with a regular health examination annually.

Retirement system and implementation

According to relevant regulations, the company allocated no less than 6% of the monthly salary to the employee’s pension account to protect the employee’s life after retirement.

Status of labor-management agreements and various employee rights protection measures

GeneFerm values the opinions of employees. The opinions of employees are communicated and coordinated through channels and employees’ suggestions are widely accepted. Also, various work meetings are convened in real-time to communicate the work, manpower, schedule, and other configuration issues of each unit according to actual needs, so that employees can understand company policies promptly. Therefore, since the establishment of the company, there has been no major litigation and dispute.