Awarding Taiwan Invention Patent | 2021-08

GeneFerm's latest ingredient, β-glucan and mushroom polysaccharides complex, has been recognized by the Taiwan Invention Patent that can boost the activity of natural killer cells or the production of IgA or IgM antibodies.Detail

Let's support each other with a caring heart. | 2021-07

GeneFerm has been carrying out public welfare for a long time and continuously. From May to July, all walks of life were even more affected by the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. We assisted poor children to implement suspension of classes and non-stop school, support the procurement of vaccines and epidemic prevention and relief projects; caring heart is an anti-epidemic force as well.

LalaBling patent obtained from China | 2021-06

GeneFerm obtained China patent for “continuous production equipment for LaLaBling.”

GMP Certification | 2021-05

GeneFerm is the leading company to obtain GMP Certificate (capsules, liquid, powder) in the industry.

World Vision Taiwan Workshop on microorganism introduction and application | 2021-01

GeneFerm Biotechnology works with World Vision Taiwan to assist disadvantaged teenagers in their education and career development. Detail

Won 3 gold medal award | 2020-08

GeneFerm obtained three gold medals at 2020 Tokyo Genius Invention Exhibition and 2020 Korea WiC. Detail

Nattokinase patent obtained from Japan | 2020-04

GeneFerm obtained Japanese patent for technique of producing high-activity Nattokinase.

Taipei Office Relocation | 2019-10

GeneFerm Taipei Business Office has moved to Taipei Nangang Software Park ! 
ADD: Nangang Software Park, Building F, 4F-3, No. 3, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115603, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-26558479 FAX:+886-2-26558476

37Labtico™ won a Silver Medal Award | 2019-06

GeneFerm the latest37labticoPostbiotics won the Silver Medal Award in The 33rd world Genius Convention & Education Expo 2019 in Tokyo.

NattoMena® won the gold medal award | 2018-10

GeneFerm Vitamin K2 product - NattoMena® has won the gold medal award in the International Innovation and Invention competition!

Experience Sharing | 2018-06

Vice President-Frank Hsiao is invited to Taiwan-Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit for sharing successful cooperation with Thailand.

GMP Certification | 2018-06

GeneFerm is certified with GMP certificate from NSF.

Listed on TPEx | 2018-01

GeneFerm has been officially listed on TPEx since January 22nd, 2018. (Stock Code:1796)

Performance Conference before TPEx-listed | 2017-12

GeneFerm (stock code:1796) successfully completed Performance Conference before TPEx-listed.

D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award | 2017-10

GeneFerm is awarded 2017 D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award!

New Solid Preparation Plant Opening | 2017-05

New GMP-compliant Solid Preparation plant opening.

New Item -LF Probiotics | 2016-12

Functional lactic acid bacteria- Lactobacillus fermentum ,heat-killed lactic acid bacteria.

Annual Quality Certification | 2016-12

Bureau Veritas Certification: ISO9001 / ISO22000 / HACCP

Expansion: Fermentation Facilities | 2016-12

Increase scale-up facilities and capacity: 2 sets of 55,000L fermentors, large scale freeze dryer, auto filter press and other equipments.

Hangover Patent - Antrodia Cinnamomea Extract Liquor | 2016-11

Antrodia cinnamomea extract liquor for reducing blood alcohol concentration (patent certificate No. 2301294)

Jiangsu GeneFerm Biotechnology | 2016-09

Jiangsu GeneFerm Biotechnology is established as the third subsidiary of GeneFerm at China Medical City in Taizhou.

Emerging Stock Market | 2016-07

Approved by Taipei Exchange, GeneFerm (1796) has registered and listed in the emerging stock market.