LalaBling patent obtained from China | 2021-06

GeneFerm obtained China patent for “continuous production equipment for LaLaBling.”

GMP Certification | 2021-05

GeneFerm is the leading company to obtain GMP Certificate (capsules, liquid, powder) in the industry.

World Vision Taiwan Workshop on microorganism introduction and application | 2021-01

GeneFerm Biotechnology works with World Vision Taiwan to assist disadvantaged teenagers in their education and career development. Detail

Won 3 gold medal award | 2020-08

GeneFerm obtained three gold medals at 2020 Tokyo Genius Invention Exhibition and 2020 Korea WiC. Detail

Nattokinase patent obtained from Japan | 2020-04

GeneFerm obtained Japanese patent for technique of producing high-activity Nattokinase.

Taipei Office Relocation | 2019-10

GeneFerm Taipei Business Office has moved to Taipei Nangang Software Park ! 
ADD: Nangang Software Park, Building F, 4F-3, No. 3, Park St., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115603, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-26558479 FAX:+886-2-26558476

37Labtico™ won a Silver Medal Award | 2019-06

GeneFerm the latest37labticoPostbiotics won the Silver Medal Award in The 33rd world Genius Convention & Education Expo 2019 in Tokyo.

NattoMena® won the gold medal award | 2018-10

GeneFerm Vitamin K2 product - NattoMena® has won the gold medal award in the International Innovation and Invention competition!

Experience Sharing | 2018-06

Vice President-Frank Hsiao is invited to Taiwan-Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit for sharing successful cooperation with Thailand.

GMP Certification | 2018-06

GeneFerm is certified with GMP certificate from NSF.

Listed on TPEx | 2018-01

GeneFerm has been officially listed on TPEx since January 22nd, 2018. (Stock Code:1796)

Performance Conference before TPEx-listed | 2017-12

GeneFerm (stock code:1796) successfully completed Performance Conference before TPEx-listed.

D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award | 2017-10

GeneFerm is awarded 2017 D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award!

New Solid Preparation Plant Opening | 2017-05

New GMP-compliant Solid Preparation plant opening.

New Item -LF Probiotics | 2016-12

Functional lactic acid bacteria- Lactobacillus fermentum ,heat-killed lactic acid bacteria.

Annual Quality Certification | 2016-12

Bureau Veritas Certification: ISO9001 / ISO22000 / HACCP

Expansion: Fermentation Facilities | 2016-12

Increase scale-up facilities and capacity: 2 sets of 55,000L fermentors, large scale freeze dryer, auto filter press and other equipments.

Hangover Patent - Antrodia Cinnamomea Extract Liquor | 2016-11

Antrodia cinnamomea extract liquor for reducing blood alcohol concentration (patent certificate No. 2301294)

Jiangsu GeneFerm Biotechnology | 2016-09

Jiangsu GeneFerm Biotechnology is established as the third subsidiary of GeneFerm at China Medical City in Taizhou.

Emerging Stock Market | 2016-07

Approved by Taipei Exchange, GeneFerm (1796) has registered and listed in the emerging stock market.