GeneFerm Biotechnology has a professional health supplement research and development and marketing planning team, which can provide customers with consistent and complete services and consulting.

Our filling and packing building complied with The Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Food, GHP) in Taiwan; and the equipment complied with the regulation of NSF®(GMP). According to customer needs for private label products, the health supplement development plan is quickly implemented, including high-efficiency raw material supply, formula research and development, dosage form design, packaging material design, and other complete plans.

We also provide consultation on the latest domestic and foreign laws and regulations, shorten the timetable for customer product development, production, and import customs clearance process. And design customer-specific education and training content, assist in training sales personnel, to facilitate the rapid launch of products, and continue to provide after-sales related consultation and services.

production process

Formulation and packaging

GeneFerm Biotechnology provides you with diversified choices, equipped with various filling and packaging equipment for different specifications of powder, liquid, jelly and other formulations of the products.
Also, our plant is equipped with low-temperature refrigerated storage, various types of shrink film and other related equipment.
GeneFerm Biotechnology is capable of providing complete product packaging and production services from raw materials, formulas to diversified dosage forms.

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Powder form

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Liquid form

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Jelly stick

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Jelly pack

The product can be customized according to your needs, please Contact Us

Filling & Packing Facilities

Filling & Packing Facilities
Equipment Quantity
Filling-sealing machine X 2
Automatic filling & capping machine Spout Stand-Up Pouch (50~300ml) X 1
Back-sealed liquid packaging machine Shaped bag(10~50ml) X 6
Pasteurization dryer x 1
Horizontal hot water spray autoclave sterilizer x 1
Three dimensional motion mixer Volume: Below 100L X 1
Vertical automatic powder filling machine Three-sided seal (1~3g) X 2
Horizontal automatic powder filling machine Three-sided seal (1~25g) X 1
Nitrogen filling machine Shaped bag(1~25g) X 2
Automatic filling machine Capsules (#0、#1) X 1
Equipment Quantity
Semi-automatic filling machine Capsules (#0、#1) X 1
Automatic counting machine Capsules, tablets X 1
Semi-automatic counting machine Capsules, tablets X 1
ALUALU blister packaging machine x 1
PTP blister packaging machine x 1
Round-shape labeling machine x 1
High-speed labeling machine x 1
Automatic sealing machine POF Film X 1
Automatic three-dimensional packaging machine BOPP Film X 1
Heat-shrinkable film packaging machine PVC Film、POF Film X 2