GeneFerm Biotechnology is not only the master of microbial fermentation but also an expert in designing and optimizing the process of each unit operation in a series of extraction and purification toll manufacturing services.
We can extract and isolate products for different index components with high purity and recovery rate from (1) Whole Broth, (2) Plant roots, stems, leaves, fruits, and (3) Mushroom fruiting bodies. GeneFerm also provides the complete equipment required for the extraction process of various types of cells, intracellular and extracellular products, including extraction and concentration tanks and crystallization tanks of different specifications, solid/liquid separation equipment, dialysis equipment, chromatography columns, freezing and spraying drying equipment, crushing, mixing and sieving equipment, etc., to meet customer needs to set up different down-stream process.

Process of Extraction Service

Extraction & Purification Facilities

Extraction & Purification Facilities
Solid-liquid separation equipment Quantity
Continuous Disk Stack Centrifuge 5
Auto-Cleaning Membrane Filter Press (Filtration area 100 m2) 2
Vertical Scraper Peel Discharge Centrifuge 2
Extraction and concentration equipment Quantity
Extractor 50,000L x 4
10,000L x 1
Vacuum Concentration Stirring Tank 15,000L x 1
12,000L x 3
10,000L x 3
5,000L x 3
6,000L x 1
1,500L x 1
500L x 1
200L x 1
Solvent Tank 50,000L x 3
Continuous Vacuum Evaporator (1,000 L / hr) 1
Purification & filtration equipment Quantity
High-Pressure Homogenizer (100Mpa , 2T/hr) 1
Ceramic Membrane Filtration Set (Filtration area 18 m2) 1
Ultra-filtration Set (spiral membrane) (Filtration area 95 m2) 3
Low-Pressure Column Chromatography (300L / 1200L) 4
Continuous drying equipment Quantity
Freeze Dryer (450 L / batch) 1
Freeze Dryer (2,000 L / batch) 2
Continuous Vacuum Belt Dryer (evaporation capacity 50 L / hr) 1
Spray Dryer (120 L / hr) 1
Fluid Bed Dryer 1
Rotated Vacuum Dryer (1000L) 1
Equipment Quantity
Stirring Cooling Tank 10,000 L 1
Solvent Tank (50,000L) 3